When thinking about buying a property in the United States, Europe or LATAM, be it Residential, Commercial or Industrial, our team of agents will give you the best advice and find the best options for you.

Remember that the best way to buy a property is always under the advice of a qualified and accredited real estate agent in the United States or the country in which you want to make your real estate investment.

BelHouse International Services and Miami-based BelHouse Real Estate and partners in different parts of the world are ready to start searching for your property.

At Belhouse International we are specialists in ensuring the security of investments made by buyers. This means that if you are interested in investing in real estate, our team will take care of all the necessary procedures to guarantee that your investment is the most profitable.

Our advisers:
They are expert experts in the real estate sector in Miami.
They can provide personalized advice in Spanish and English.
They have a long experience in the purchase, sale and financing of real estate.


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